Shareholding Disclosure Requirements

Sample Shareholding Pattern Declaration Letter from Holding Company to its subsidiary Company in word/.doc Format

September 16, 2013

The Managing Director
M/s. ABC Ltd.
14/1 J S Road
Mumbai – 458 545

Dear Sir,
Disclosure of Shareholding

According  to our understanding of the meaning  of  the expressions  "Promoter", "Control", "Persons acting  in concert"  and other provisions of the  "Securities  and Exchange  Board  of India (Substantial  Acquisition  of Shares  and Takeovers) Regulations, 1997" and based  on information available to us, we for self and on  behalf of  others  named below are pleased to give  below  the particulars  of  shares  / voting  rights  held  as  on 10.09.2013 by the respective persons who may be  deemed as Promoters or deemed to be in control or deemed to be acting  in concert, as required under Regulation  8  of the said Regulations:

Name of the Shareholder                         No. of equity                     Percentage
                                                                           Shares held         
---------------------------------                      ----------------                          ----------
Rocket Sales Ltd.                                                10,00,000                              25.000
Stabnet Limited                                                   4,00,000                               10.000
Ms Neetu Singh                                                   4,00,000                               10.000
                                                                         -------------                              ----------
                                                                            18,00,000                              40.000
                                                                           ========                            ======
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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