Sister Concern Company Letter

Sample Request Letter Format for Considering Two or more companies together as Group Companies for Commercial Purpose (Discounts, Credit limit, Outstanding etc.) in word/.doc


M/s. ABC Sales Corporation Ltd
Hirmani Building, 15th Floor,
6/9 N S Road
Bangalore  – 458 542


Sub:  Our pool of Company

We would like to inform you that our firm / Company is part of pool of Companies  namely ………………………….(names of all firms)  and all are working together should be considered as part of the same Group.
We would request you to please consider the Security Deposit paid in our name or in the name of other firms / Company in  order to pool together and accordingly allow us eligible Dealer Discount, Sales Volume Discount  etc.

We shall be together responsible for entire business including outstanding. We shall be held responsible for outstanding of any other firm / company of our pool and shall make the same good for any kind of non-receipt of payment.

We also confirm that Cash Discount (COD)  as eligible will be based on Company’s  Policy considering  the outstanding  of all firms / companies  in  our pool.

The above is written in good faith and consideration for all members of the Pool or Group.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Director / Partner / Proprietor

Encl: Details about us.

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