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August 7, 2015
Shri Anil Jain

Sub : Despatch of material from Factory on CST as well as BT basis.

1.    HO Marketing Dept will advise FGS godown in-charge for despatch of material from our  Factory. Factory Despatch Dept will go through the despatch advice generated by Marketing Dept. and arrange for the despatch.

2.    Factory Despatch Dept will organize despatch of material from factory under proper Sales Invoice referring Sales Order and other details, making total despatch entries in the Despatch Advice and sending back the same on every morning to Sales Dept at HO for their checking and verification that all Despatch Advices have been acted upon. Also a copy should be marked to the under mentioned.

3.    In this process no manual Invoice should be prepared from Factory for CST or BT Sales. Even if it is necessary to do so, the same should be done for the bare minimum period of a day or 2 and that too (i) properly mentioning the details in the Despatch Advice and (ii) subsequently making the Invoice in system and informing back to HO Sales Dept for nullifying the manual Invoices prepared earlier prior to start of making of regular invoices through system.

4.    The Commercial Head at Factory has to ensure that whatever manual invoice prepared for any kind of despatch of material are subsequently prepared in the system before start of any new despatch.

5.    The reconciliation of manual invoice vis-a-vis the system invoice and that too clear for accounting in the system should be ensured.

6.    From Plant every day HO must get Daily Despatch Report consisting of all kinds of despatch mentioning there respective Invoice No., L/R No., Vehicle No., Material details, Party’s Name, Destination, etc.

7.    This should be adhered on daily basis.


Name  of the party
Material description

Neetu Singh

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